Freeflight Blog Mount Caburn to Uckfield.

Mount caburn June the 17th light S.S.West winds, small weak thermalls. Below is Glyndebourne Opera House
Glyndebourne Opera House Glyndebourne is a 700-year old country house and opera house near Lewes in East Sussex, England. Since 1934 it has been the venue of the annual Glyndebourne Festival Opera.
Climbs from caburn were weak on this day. I took this picture after climbing back up from 400 ft over a field. The field was the light colored one left of the picture.
Off and on my way towards the gliding club.
Managed to avoid all gliders and tugs. Weak was still small, but i noticed a farmer turning the fields and about 30 sea gulls climbing away from this. So i took my chances and pushed on the speed bar and glided over to the gulls.
And was rewarded with some more lift, all looking good and then it ran out.
power lines I arrived over the Golf Course at Little Horsted with hellos from Golfers and no sings of lift. Moments before this i was level with the power lines. The vario bleeped, but no room to turn, so I turned 180 and climbed just around 50 ft above the lines.
Golf course Played safe and landed here at Uckfields Golf Resort
Spa health club little Horstead Called into the Spa area of the club and grabbed a drink and called Trev, who had just landed at Caburn.
Catherine and Paul Here are the staff Catherine and Paul from the Spa center, nice and helpful people.
Trevor Hurt Trev Hurt former student came and collected me,, many thanks Trev. I owe you a beer or hopefully a lift when you do your next XC.