Freeflight XC Devils Dyke Over Steyning Bowl.

Above point "A" is take off at Devils Dyke. "B" tin roofs at the Manor down to 500Ft. "C" Bramber 2,50ft. "D" Bramber Castle and St Mary's School. "E" Last climb off Anningtons ridge, lift from the farmer turning the soil. "F" Landed Titch Hill Farm. Special attention to Shoreham Airspace is needed when making this flight.
15th of April 2008. Task fly from Devils Dyke to Steyning Bowl. One climb from the north face of the Dyke took me to 2,300ft. The flight went well to the end of Truleigh ridge. Then I had lost height and was down to 500ft .
I managed to locate a thermal over some tin roofs over Truleigh Manor Farm and climb back to 2,700 ft. I could see the Student with Gary Cook of Apex Paragliding school. I gave them a wave and smile and made my way to Bramber Castle.
Now well on my way to Steyning Bowl, the clouds were showing the way.
Now approaching Annington ridge, our private North facing ridge. At Freeflight Paragliding.
I could see Pete Bernon, from UK Airsports. Teaching at Steyning Bowl. I give him a quick call and see if he is going to lunch and grab a lift. Damn his answer machine is on.
What this the farmer turning the field, how lucky can you get, the turning of the soil releases hot air and I climb. And push on to Worthing.
Steyning is behind me and I climb in a weak thermal.
Well what can i say, I got low around 200ft, caught a broken thermal. Had a play with it and then saw Sarah eating outside " Tich Hill Farm" and called in.
Down safe on a glider that comes in a bag. Time to call Pete Bernon and ask for a lift. Would you believe it, T_ Mobile, no reception.
I walk out to the Bostal road and thumb a lift, 30 yards later, a man from Beachhams in Worthing, was finishing a night shift. How far he said, Steyning Bowl please. Perfect timing Pete Bernon was off to lunch. He kindly offered a lift back to Devils Dyke. Cheers Pete, I was back with in 60 min's of landing.
Here is Paul, he flew some epic 25 km's Triangle from Devils Dyke. Nice one Paul. Wish I could do this every day. But then I have to be on the deck tomorrow and do some teaching, well someone has to do the job.

Paul wrote, Hi Rob,

As you know it (I saw ya J) it was a good day at the Dyke, Like a number of others, else I climbed out at about 1130am on mixed lift.

However, there was one big lesson that everyone had to learn that day. “In the UK, in light conditions, you DON’T LEAVE LIFT until you absolutely have to”.

A number of people got to base, became impatient and then shot off into heavy sink, only to be decked.

The only thing I did differently was to be “bloody minded”. I circled for a full hour or more above the power lines (see attached pic), more or less at cloud base and waited for the sea breeze to come in.

As soon as I felt it ( the climbs at base were getting stronger) I then set off on my out and return.

Landing back at the Dyke at 2pm. Fun but I was very tired and cold J


What a Pilot and all that from a glider in a bag, cool :) Many thanks for the pics and time to share it with my students. Rob Chisholm