Rob Chisholm test flys the Gin CARRERA. Review One

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So the Gin Carrera has landed on our shores in the U.K.

I have been waiting on this glider for a while now. The weather been a pain by not playing ball but this is all part and parcel of the flying game.

This is just one test review of the Gin Carrera, many more reviews will stack up in order to give you an over -all precise review on the Gin Carrera.

This review will discuss what Rob Chisholm of FreeflightBrighton thinks of the glider...

"Well always a difficult area for me to answer, first and foremost I am an Instructor, secondary I am a sales man.

So let me address the area from Instructor point of view first.

Would I recommend you this glider if you have 100 to 1000 airtime hours?

Well I would first look into your style of flying, asking questions like do you use the speed bar constantly during your flights?


Gin Carrera

If you said mainly not only occasionally, then I suggest this glider is not for you.

Who then is this glider for based on my knowledge as an Instructor of over 20 years, teaching people how to fly safe ?

It depends upon your level of flying ability, not on the amount of hours you have clocked up. It also depend upon your flying location and conditions. If pumping thermic madness is your choice of air, then you only need a ENA as your going to go up.

This glider has a finesse of culture for sure, built from years of research, producing a glider like a wine grower who spends years getting the quality of the land right for the grape.

At the end of the day this glider, the Gin Carrera, could be described as 'Pedal to the metal', it's raging chilli hot and sweet all in one! Wrapped up in a shiny lovable package of a ENB.

Flying it in ridge lift, and cool winter air of small stable thermic conditions, you'll find you do not have much work cut out. In contrast, flying in full on thermic conditions, in the Alps for example, you'll have your work cut out what ever you fly.

But this baby is going to need some controlling, just like a grey hound on a race track. She is going to want to run and let loose some energy, Your happy but sensible head needs to be firmly in place, for this is the glider of the century put in the hands of the class which passed with a B!

Sales man aside I will Part exchange your wing provided it is in fair conditions, whether you are in the U.K. or anywhere else in the world.

I will give you a fair price and a very good 48 hr. turn around on products.

The only thing I ask is that you are truthful with me before buying such a dream wing, be honest with yourself as to your skill as a pilot.

Do you really wish to have such a lovely wing if you're just going to use it to ridge soar?

If so I can sell you a more perfectly suitable glider for your needs.

The Gin Carrerea is a glider to eat your heart out for sure and will take you XC on many occasions, all in the safe hands of the Gins detailing to perfections.
But just make sure you need such a wing. So long as you're flying 50 hrs + a year you will be in heaven on this wing and will certainly grow to love it! In fact I will go as far to say as it is unlikely you will even think of changing the glider. The shear thought would put shivers down your back.

In fact I go as far as to say it be unlikely you even think of changing the glider, the shear thought would put shivers up your back.

I liked the Gin Carrera a great deal, it has a charm of its own to make you smile. Just pitch your level to the conditions you will be flying and you will have a combo of XC Grand Master at your finger tips.

The only downside will you be giving up that dream job of yours as this glider is going to be whining from the cupboard each morning when you leave it at home, crying "take me out, I need to fly"

Enjoy your flying!"

Gin Carrera Paraglider