Gin Carrera Review 2 Review 1 Click here

Test review 2 on the Gin Carrera.

Pilot 1 - SG 90 hrs airtime from qualification mostly with CFI Rob Chisholm on a Pilot Pro Course in advancements into post training on one to one tuition.

Pilot 2 - Rob Chisholm CFI of Freeflightbrighton airtime based over more than 20 years full time teaching and flying, flying environments wide and far with many a story to tell.

Conditions today are winter air with ground frost in high pressure of 1034mbs.

Suggested air conditions I predicted ground frost to melt in the shadows of NW facing slope later at 11am. Sun will melt the ground frost on the slope and improve with small thermals and pilots will be able to push out front of site Devils Dyke wind direction today NNW.

Arrived early to set up and have SG make some forward launches in very light winds no more than 3 mph at 9 am. Later 11 am convection did its thing and Rob Chisholm found at 92 kg to be too light to make use of the performance, suggest in Uk ridge soaring and such like areas to fly heavy on Carrera wing suggest at 100kg and above. You views will differ depending upon where you fly and which country you live in.


gin carrera and atlas

Tests today are forward launch in nil to very light winter air, tests were with Pilot SG who has not ever flown the Carrera glider before

Watch the video to see how easy he makes it all seem, at 92kg i found it a little harder but i think its just technique also I am 5ft 10 and I think SG is 6 ft. 1 - Over all I thought the glider forward launch extremely easily in light to no wind I would give this glider a 10 out of 10 in this task. Tests for forward launch we carried out in different days and with pod and standard harness.

Next test was to explore the speed range on bar, SG heavy on wing at 105Kg found the wing amazing for the rating and said it was very smooth do take into account the harness you fly will make a huge difference for long periods of time on bar and you may encounter sewing machine leg as in rudder rubber in the legs. I found the bar very sweet and easy to explore even aggressive use retain excellent pitch stability. Do expect a huge surge if you are on pedal to the metal and go for a quick release, fun for sure but not the correct procedure.

I would go as far as to say 12 out of 10 for use of bar in my weight of 92 kg and other test at 97.8kg

Pushing out front on glide test.

Absolutely mind blowing sink rate at speed with good pitch self control, this is what your paying for in this wing. It has more glide and retains a good over sink rate that you can go off and explore, bearing in mind paragliders are a portable glider and slow and have many restrictions, it is very refreshing to start to see gliders in a ENB come on with good glide. It is about time this happened. I have been waiting 20 years!

Is the Gin Carrera a ENB or a ENC

Well have a look at the test report your be suprized at the results ENB in all sizes. But do not think you can go from a ENA to a ENB like this glider as it has a busy mind and is really chomping at the bit.

If you just sit around soaring and do not get into imaginative flying even if you been in the sport for years. Your just scare yourself silly on this wing.

This is like a standard car with a Nitros hidden under the bonnet, so if you switch it on her pistons are going to to be springing into action and your wonder what on earth has happened.

devils dyke pub inn carrera gin

Brake Pressure and All Up weights on the Gin Carrera

So if you buy from Freeflight I suggest a few days tuition to get into the gliders way of thinking and then your be joined at the hip to tame this beast.

Brake pressure for me is a joy but then I do a lot of tandem and that's just plain hard work with around 4 kg on each arm, all depending upon the weight of the passenger and conditions. The Gin Carrera brake pressure is sweet to feel and very much in tune with the pilot.

The feed back through the brakes are just exquisite so much so this is th ideal wing for me.

I would suggest the next size down which tops out at 95kg.

This weight on the smaller Carrera would make it perfect for my over all weight of 92Kg. (Today 27th November 2013 Gin anounce Small and Large have passsed)

Sun on my Carrera

Booking a Test Flight on the Gin Carrera

Here at Freeflight we have a medium Carrera demo and if your serious about buying a new wing please take into account if you fly our demo we expect you to buy through us and not another dealer.

Also before flying the wing we need to chat with you and not on the hill so do contact us direct and we can arrange a test day in advance rather than a rushed event.