In this video Rob Chisholm, CFI for FreeFlight, takes his post CP and one other from another school for a two hour flight from Newhaven cliffs to Brighton Marina.The first run was to get them all used to crossing the gaps in the cliffs between Newhaven and Brighton Marina and asking them under radio to use the speed bar.

We had flown to Brighton and back to Newhaven and I called in advance for the second flight to take place right away once we passed the take-off area at Newhaven. Mr Simon G stood on the bar “pedal to the metal” with a speed time added to the task. Rather than just ridge soar we made the flight more interesting by adding a race between gliders Mentor 2, Factor 2, Sky Anakis, Gin Oasis, Gin Evo Sprint. So this video is more aimed at post CP wishing to learn more - if you are after some post CP tuition check out the comments on YouTube and see how people rate this service.

PS There and back took 44 mins! No engine and it packs in a bag you can carry! Now that's money well spent!

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