How to Climb Out In a Thermal

One area Pilots wish to learn is how to climb out in a thermal.

Now I first start with teaching Pilots to 360 in calm conditions and when they are able to progress in this area. I then move into the areas of climbing in thermals.

Take on board that in the video your not able to do what I am doing in one day. So if you wish to learn how to do what you see in the video I would suggest looking at the Pilot Pro Courses I run.

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Early Start At Newhaven Cliffs

Some times we start at 7 am why ?

As we fly when the tide is out. So here at Newhaven Cliffs which requires a SSW wind we need to fly when the tide is out.

So being flexible with your time is a very important message to get across for flying pilots.

Review Ozium Death Glide Bar on Dude

Ozium Pod Harness Combo Atlas review

Over all impressions are excellent, the harness with reserve and Gin Atlas comes in at 10.5 KG !

Another key point is the Ozium Harness is much more of a weight shift harness. Only my view but many pod harness's restrict in movement.

So with this new freedom your wing will feel so much more responsive in flight.

The harness has no seat plate however in all of my test flights I did not even notice the seat plate was not there.

It was comfortable and practical as a harness and I think this is probably the futher root for many a manufacture.

If your intersted in buying a combo Ozium and Atlas then give us a call numbers at the top of the page.

One On One Tuition

This is the 2nd Session with Freeflight - We often use Tandem as part of our teaching.

With Small school you max your airtime and tuition as the one to one approach helps iron out all the areas and questions you may have.

Link below to see how effective this teaching method works at session 6.


Site Assessment For Glider Pilots

A short video on site assessment for the glider Pilots. In the video you will learn the basic's of site assessment.

Areas like Rotor, Airflow, Wind Gradient

If you like more in-depth tutorials and insight I suggest you click link below and join RobsTv channel


Gin Carrera Flight Review

Review of Gin Carrera at Devils Dyke.

Pilot SG at 90 hrs.

Rob C at 20 years plus.

Review of the most talked about Glider this year.

Pedal to the metal all the way.

Book a test flight now, just e-mail below.

State your level of flying first.

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Beachy Head Paragliding Cliffs

Promo video of flying at Beachy Head cliffs.

Ever felt the need to jump off Beachy Head ?

Learn how to spiral dive.

Watch this amazing flight in and out of clouds.

The perfect flight on a cliff run with epic views.

Fly down to Beachy Head Light House.

Join Robs TV channel to watch the full in-depth video with top tips on flying the site.

How to join RobsTv apply by e-mail.

Past 12 Months of flying 2012 - 2013

Short clips of the past 12 months.

Mainly on Gin Evo Sprint and Gin Atlas with Mentor 3 and Nova Factor.

Some of the flights are on tandem and maybe your thinking of learning these areas such as how to thermal?

If so why not book on a post session one or apply online for a 12 month course.

Freeflight makes it happens and specializes in post qualified areas such as learning new sites and learning new areas such as cross country to pushing up wind.

Newhaven Cliffs South East Cliff

Here is an example of learning to fly a new site.

Spending a session with Freeflight can produce a much quicker learning progress in your learning.

Set some personal goals or join our team at RobsTv online support where we will set you a tailored progressive course to make you an enlighten positive pilot.

How to join a thermal

Flying on a Gin Atlas.

Learning how to join a thermal.

This video will walk you through some of the basic areas of how to join a thermal and follow through into new areas for the new pilot to learn.

These areas your not taught in the school these are post qualified areas and Freeflight Specializes in these productive areas.

Teaching pilots to thermal on your home turf

Learning to thermal in your area is an important part not to be over looked.

Going abroad at some stage in your flying is a good idea but only when your ready. It is far more productive to learn to fly your local sites.

Freeflight operates in many ways one of which is we travel to areas in your location such as Malverns for one to two day trips and guide and teach you there.

We also go to wales and Scotland. So by covering these areas for just a one to two day trip you can easily pop along and get home. If you prefer longer trips we go to Nepal and France, plus Italy now.

Trying to catch that Sea Breeze

Gin Atlas is a ENB glider which is a safe and easy glider to control and fly.

Yet has excellent performance in glide and sink rates, off bar these can match many a ENC glider.

In this video your see this glider working the air out front away from the ridge in rising air looking for the effects of sea breeze.

what to think about and the areas to note in becoming a better pilot, avoid the sitting on the hill and get with the flying away from the hill

Paragliding Cross Country XC Tutelage knowledge base

When do you choose to take off ?

How to know when to fly out to the thermal ?

So you been ridge soaring for a long time practised that top landing.

Now you are wondering how to thermal and consider that epic trip abroad. Why not go for a 2 to 3 day trip with Freeflight in the UK and learn new areas like how to thermal ?

If this interest you why not consider the following we offer courses here in the UK ! on how to do this in not just the South East we travel to Malverns, Wales, Scotland as well as abroad

Beginners Master Class in cross country - Devils Dyke to Steyning Bowl.

Conditions are spring thermals at Devils Dyke with airflow from due North with arctic thermals coming later in the day. The brief was meet in the car park at 9.20 am with a brief from Rob Chisholm at 9.30 am. I would give the information with regards to conditions and possible tasks, 9.45 all wrapped up and we needed to move quick as the thermic activity would become bigger later and now was the time to get up and away for our little XC.

Watch the video and if your interested in this type of flying you are welcome to join our e-mail list for future XC tasks.

flip chart theory air law

This is Flip Chart Theory design to help you in some basic areas for EP and CP more detailed ones can be found on RobsTv Channel

For Pilot Exam questions explaining in detail the points that are important to be put across more simply and clearly.

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