FreeFlight specialise in Post Club Pilot Training, this includes skills required by the BHPA for Pilot Rated qualifications.

The course objective is to bring CP+ Red ribbon flyers up to Pilot Rated competent pilots capable of cross country flying in a variety of locations and conditions.

Some of the skills involved are: 1: Advanced thermaling guidance 2: Site assessment 3: Advanced Ground handling 4: Flight planning 5: Cross country navigation 6: Meteorological assessment (includes chart reading) (Understanding High / Low Pressure) 7: Pilot exam paper. (Q-A)

Thermal on a paraglider

A paraglider is small and light enough to be carried on your back. Yet with proper training, you could confidently and safely fly 100 km or more.

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Cross country from Devils Dyke towards Brighton.

Learn how to find thermals and climb out.

See how to find that second thermal after leaving the site.

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Tandem Paragliding

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